How to tag enemies in Fortnite Complete Guide

How to tag enemies in Fortnite

Marking enemies in Fortnite is part of the challenges of the first season of Chapter 4. Check out our tips for mastering the technique.

The new season of the famous Epic Games title has arrived with its share of challenges. These will certainly complicate the daily lives of many players. One challenge in particular caused a lot of talk. It’s about marking 10 opponents in one match – a tough mission even for the pros. But here are our tips for easily marking enemies in Fortnite .

The default method for marking enemies in Fortnite

Several methods are available to players to complete these challenges. The marking of opponents is no exception to this general rule. The techniques range from the simplest to the most difficult to implement. The most accessible method of marking enemies in Fortnite is the same as marking objects or items. She uses the directional pad on the controller. You hold the left directional key while aiming. This key is on the mouse wheel for the PC version.

This method is certainly the most accessible, but its effectiveness leaves something to be desired. Novices will have a very hard time completing the challenge using only this method. However, the technique is recommended for experienced and precise players.

Use of augments for marking enemies

Reality augments or reality augmentations are the great novelty of Chapter 4. These are mechanisms to be acquired that give you certain advantages during a match. The list of these increases is obviously long. However , only two of these items can be used to tag enemies in Fortnite .

The first augment usable for marking opponents is the Bloodhound . Its function is to automatically mark those you hit with a sniper bow or rifle. Note, however, that the marking is not final. This is only active for a short time. You will therefore need the weapons specified above to take advantage of the Hound mechanism.

The second augment is the Mark of Storm . After the storm closes, you activate this mechanic to automatically tag opponents. Like Bloodhound, the feature is only active for a short time.

Use the Recon Falcon

Marking enemies in Fortnite can also be done with the Recon Falcon . It’s a small robot – available since the last update – that you send into the air to explore the playing field. You’ll be able to tag everything this reconnaissance drone sees. A method that seems very practical, but it actually has a big drawback. You are vulnerable while the Falcon is deployed. Your opponents can easily eliminate you.

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