Open your eyes and learn how to take care of your senses


There is a commonly used phrase in English: “Stop and smell the roses.” The direct translation in Chinese is: Stop and smell the roses. But the real meaning of this sentence is to ask us to take a break from time to time to appreciate and be grateful for the good things around us. An important element of how we experience and appreciate what is around us is what our senses receive—the scent of a rose, the temperature of a sunset, the soothing sounds of music—these are the things that make us feel calm and grounded. We can maintain a mentally focused lifestyle by maintaining our sensory sensitivity . In other words: learning how to take care of our sense organs can help us find inner peace.

The following stages walk us through the tricks of caring for the senses, and you may also realize that some of your healthy habits have already laid a solid foundation for caring for the senses.

sense of touch

The upper dermis and lower epidermis of the human body contain many sensitive touch receptors, which is why caring for the skin contributes to healthy tactile function. Try incorporating these five skin-care tips into your daily routine:

  1. Implement sun protection : We can choose to wear sunscreen, long-sleeved tops, wide-brimmed sunhats, or all of the above. Protect your skin from the sun and sun damage in the way that works best for you.
  2. Supplement your skin with a healthy diet: What we eat has an impact on the inside and outside of our body. Choose to eat a healthy, plant-based diet and snacks to give your skin the nutrients it needs .
  3. Avoid sunburn or skin damage: You don’t need a reason to avoid injury other than the pain we feel. But avoiding injury does maintain the health of our tactile functions.
  4. Stay Active: Staying physically active maintains our health in many ways. A heart-pounding workout can go a long way in helping our blood flow, which can benefit our organs, including our skin.
  5. Hydration to Maintain Health : Adequate hydration is essential to maintaining overall health, and maintaining healthy skin is no exception. Don’t forget to keep hydrating throughout the day and your skin will thank you.


Shaping the perfect taste system requires many different experiences and elements, including our understanding of the relationship between taste and smell. However, to maintain the full function of a healthy palate, we can start implementing these three life tips:

  1. Diversify your diet: Try new dishes, discover exotic flavors, and add a variety of ingredients to your diet to keep your palate sharp. Adding a variety of seasonings to your diet can also help avoid overuse of salt and sugar. Use special and diverse flavors to replace excessive sugar and salt to avoid restricted taste system function.
  2. Watch out for our mouths! : The sense of taste is always on call on the tip of our tongue and in our mouth, and performing oral cleanings (don’t doubt, these include flossing) and examining our tongues may be able to reveal some health information . Setting aside two days of the year to see your dentist for checkups can also help with taste.
  3. Don’t smoke: We all know that smoking is bad for your overall health, but it can wreak havoc on your sense of taste in particular. We can smoke a delicious smoked brisket, but please avoid the bad habit of smoking.

the sense of smell

The human sense of smell is actually very resistant to stress, but healthy habits can still protect the sense of smell and its connection with the sense of taste. Maintaining a varied diet and exploring and trying new ingredients from time to time are also ways to help your sense of smell. Smoking is definitely the worst habit to do if we want to take full advantage of our sense of smell and use the connection of smell and taste to experience the full taste of food .


Now is the time to open our eyes and learn five ways in our lives that we can help take care of our visual health. And of course, these methods have a lot to do with protecting the eyeball from injury or stress.

Let’s read on:

  1. Eat foods that support eye health: Many large, comprehensive studies clearly indicate that certain nutrients do support eye health. Our healthy plant-based diet provides us with important eye health nutrients .
  2. Wear sunglasses: Sunglasses not only look handsome, they are also a fashion “eyepiece” for eye health. Our eyes, like our skin, need proper protection from the sun. And wearing cool sunglasses is the best way to protect your eyes from the sun.
  3. Be mindful of screen time: Certain things we look at put a greater strain on our eyes than other objects, and the screens that take over our modern lives are one of those things that put the greatest strain on our eyes. So don’t forget to limit your screen time, or consider wearing glasses that block the strong blue light emitted by cell phones and computer screens .
  4. Ophthalmologists are our best friends: We don’t need to invite ophthalmologists to our homes for dinner, but they are really good helpers in maintaining our visual health. Don’t forget to have regular eye exams every year.
  5. Take care with your eyes: From fingers to metal shards, there are many things in life that can damage your eyes and, in turn, affect your vision. When we are engaged in sports or need to use some dangerous materials (such as: wood, screws or chemical components), please be sure to wear tools to protect your eyes. Wearing goggles may completely ensure the health of your eyes.


When the human eardrum vibrates to a certain limit, our hearing will be damaged. Instead of testing the function of your eardrums yourself, follow a few obvious, healthy and helpful listening habits .

First, turn down the volume. Avoiding loud noises should be the best way to maintain good hearing, which means we should look for hobbies that don’t involve loud noises.

Still, if we can’t avoid loud noises, try this good habit: cover your ears. As long as we protect our eardrums properly, we can still rock out at a concert, use a loud machine, or have fun at an event that involves blaring noise.

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