How to take a step in learning a language

How to take a step in learning a language

When you start learning a new language, it’s happiness . We discover a number of new words, we express ourselves quickly in the present, the past and the future, and we finally understand references that escaped us until then. For example the difference between living la dolce vita and la vida loca . And then the feeling of omnipotence comes to an abrupt end. Until then, we felt a little stronger every day, and suddenly learning takes the form of an endless succession of irregular verbs in the past perfect. Congratulations… you now know the sweet feeling of having reached a (first) level of learning!

We suspect that it does not reassure you to know that millions of people have already experienced this before you. Nor that it’s the time when most people throw in the towel (or rather their bilingual dictionary) and decide to take up the piano or calligraphy. Paradoxically, crossing a learning threshold does not depend on what one learns but on the very fact of learning.

Friends, I tell you: hang in there! The secret is motivation . Remember, when you decided to immerse yourself in this language, you had an excellent reason. You’re still not going to forfeit the first difficulty? Here are some tips to finally succeed in taking a step forward in your language learning. The next level is yours!

This is not a landing

There’s one important thing to know about milestones: the feeling of learning nothing more is usually just a… feeling . Let’s start from the beginning: when you start learning a language, you don’t know anything about it. Every word we remember becomes a small victory! A few days after starting, we are already able to greet someone and introduce ourselves . Admit it’s great! But the further we go, the more this magical feeling dissipates. New difficulties appear: the structure of sentences becomes more complex, which leads to new mistakes. Don’t be fooled by appearances: if you have reached this stage, which looks like a bleak plain, it is because you are continuing to progress!Never forget: taking a step is only a stage that you will pass sooner or later!

Keep your original goal in mind

Do you remember why you started learning this language? To impress someone who doesn’t speak French? Or to prepare a trip abroad? Anyway, this reason is necessarily excellent: to cross a threshold, it is important to define a precise goal… and to remember it! If it helps, write it down somewhere, and come back to it whenever you feel like giving up. Several studies have shown that to stay motivated, there is nothing like regularly visualizing your goal.

Make learning part of your daily routine  

Do you want to take it a step further? Here is a little trick to put in place from the start of your learning process: make your language lessons part of your daily routine . If you learn sporadically, your motivation will fail at the first pitfall. And one fine day, you will find that you have completely stopped learning this language without even realizing it. It is not for nothing that passion and perseverance are considered two determining factors in learning. Having the ability to start and then persevere is invaluable . Only a few rare geniuses have a mysterious talent for learning foreign languages .And their secret is always the same: it’s perseverance that pays off.

Give up wanting to learn everything in record time

When you immerse yourself in a new language, you may want to learn a maximum of things in a minimum of time. This method has a name: brainwashing. Bad news: our brain is not adapted to that. Consequence:  it is much more effective to devote 15 minutes a day for six months to learning than six hours a day for 2 weeks. In other words, to give the brain time to imprint the new knowledge over time . If your goal is to really speak a language, you will have to go through this. Remember that to  master the finer points of your mother tongue, it took you years; how could you go a step further in another language in just a few days?

Bonus: go to the restaurant to celebrate your successes

Admittedly, this is not advice per se. But rewarding yourself for your accomplishments can be a great source of motivation.  We will attach more attention to a good moment , like a trip or a show, than to a simple object .  The important thing is to know how to reward your efforts! So, don’t hesitate the next time you have the opportunity to take the next step: you know that a great meal awaits you!

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The 21 most common adjectives in Italian

The 21 most common adjectives in Italian

The world is full of “things”, “stuff”, and other “things” . However, these generic terms won’t help you accurately describe something in a foreign language . When you can’t remember the exact name of an object, you have to use another way to refer to it. This is exactly what adjectives are for.

Having the most common adjectives in Italian at your disposal is a great resource when you run out of nouns on your travels in Italy and want to be able to say something other than “Hello, what time is it?” “in Italian  “. Here is a guide that presents the most important Italian adjectives to know, illustrated with examples that will help you to use these different adjectives correctly, in Italian.

21 Italian adjectives you need to know

1. Altro/a – Other


  • Mi può portare un altro asciugamano, per favore? – Could I have another towel, please?
  • Desidera qualcos’altro? – Can I get you something else?

2. Tanto/a – So much, so many


Ma cosa faresti con così tanti soldi? “ What would you do with that much money?”

Ti auguro tanta felicità per l’anno che verrà! – I wish you a lot of happiness for this new year!

3. Poco – Few, not many


  • Normally mangio pochi carboidrati. – I normally eat few carbohydrates.
  • Mi piacciono solo pocket cose. – I don’t like a lot of things.

4. Molto – A lot, very, very much

Examples  :

  • Mangiare molta frutta e verdura fa bene. – Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is good for your health.
  • Luana la mattina ha semper molta fretta. – In the morning, Luana is always in (lit. has a lot of) the emergency.

5. Stesso/a – Even

Examples  :

  • Lo stesso tragitto – The same path
  • Dobbiamo fare lo stesso tragitto. – We must leave (lit. do) in the same way.
  • Dal lavoro a casa prito ogni sera lo stesso treno. “ I take the same train home from work every night.

6. Primo/a – First, first


  •  The train for Milan at 7.55 am leaves from platform 1.
  • Il primo tempo – The first half

7. Ogni – Each/All

Examples  :

  • Abbiamo lavorato ogni giorno. – We worked every day.
  • A ogni morte di papa – Every thirty-sixth of the month (lit. “every time a pope dies”)

8. Tall – Tall, fat

Examples  :

  • La tavola non è abbastanza grande per otto persone. – The table is not large enough for eight people.
  • He has a big nose. – He has a big nose.

9. Bello/a – Beautiful, beautiful

Examples  :

  • Non è molto bello ma è davvero simpatico! “He’s not very handsome, but he’s really nice!
  • Per la gita abbiamo ottenuto un bello sconto. – We got a nice reduction for the trip.

10. Nuovo/a – New, new


  • Anno nuovo, vita nuova! – New year, new life!
  • Un cappotto nuovo – A new coat

11. Certo/a – Certain, sure


  • Noto un certo disfattismo. – I notice a certain defeatism.
  • The città vecchie hanno un certo fascino. – Old towns have a certain charm.

12. Vero/a – True


  • He’s a real techno fan.
  • In May, the garden is a real marvel!

13. Buono/a – Good


  • This wine is as good as it is expensive.
  • Exercise is good for the body and the mind.

14. Italiano/a – Italian(s)


  • Marco è italiano. – Marco is Italian.
  • Mi piace qualche regista italiano. – I like some Italian directors.

15. Ultimo/a – Last, Last


  • It’s the last Wednesday of the month.
  •  Yes, I understand. I will take the last bus.

16. Vecchio/a – Old, old


  • Spero di diventare molto vecchio. – I hope I will become very old.
  • The ho guardato aunt volte! Ma è un film vecchio, vero? – I’ve seen it so many times! But it’s an old movie, isn’t it?

17. Piccolo/a – Small

Examples  :

  • They are likely to offer (will offer) a small contribution.
  • Il piccolo paese pittoresco ha solo venti abitanti. – The picturesque little village has only twenty inhabitants.

18. Giovane – Young

Examples  :

  • The groom looks very young.
  • Our youngest roommate is 33 years old.

19. Alto/a – High, tall, high


  • Carlo is tall.
  • This rent is not high.

20. Diverso/a – Different

Examples  :

  • It is possible to divide these variants into different families.
  • It is normal that you and I have different ideas.

21. Lungo/a – Long, long

Examples  :

  • Un lungo viaggio – A long journey
  • Infinite Jest di David Foster Wallace has oltre 1000 pages: è un libro lungo. – David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is over 1,000 pages – it’s a long book.
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Wishing Happy Holidays around the world

Wishing Happy Holidays around the world

In December, the “good weekend”, “good holidays” and other “see you soon” are quickly forgotten. We tend to adapt our greetings to this particular time of year. Francophones are not the only ones in this case!

And if you know a little about the United States or have lived there, you may know that New Year’s greetings can be a political issue . It happens, for example, that people working in contact with the public are answered with their “happy holidays!” a scathing “Merry Christmas  ”. It is still limited to the United States. In the UK , for example, saying “Merry Christmas” is completely normal. Around the world, some other languages ​​don’t even have an expression that directly translates to “happy holidays,” as you’ll find out right away. In any case, if you are in doubt, you can always let the other person take the initiative.

Here’s how to wish happy holidays around the world (or in thirteen languages, at least), with translations for “happy holidays” and “happy new year”.

Happy New Year wishes in thirteen languages


Happy New Year ! — ¡Happy fiestas!

Good year ! — ¡ Feliz Año Nuevo!


Happy New Year ! — Happy Holidays!

Good year ! —Happy New Year!


Happy New Year ! — Frohe Feiertage!

Good year ! ” Frohes neues Jahr!”


Happy New Year ! — Buone party!

Good year ! — Buon anno!


Happy New Year ! — Boas Festas!

Good year ! — Feliz ano novo!


Happy New Year ! — God fair!

Good year ! — Godt nytt år!

Good to know: the phrase “  God ferie!” actually means something like “happy holidays” in Norwegian, but it ‘s  the closest thing to “Happy New Year!” “. You should especially hear “God jul!”  nationwide in December .


Happy New Year ! — Glædelig højtid!

Good year ! — Godt nytår!

Good to know: Our didactics expert Peter Sørensen, who is Danish, translated “Happy New Year’s Eve!” but he tells us that there is no real Danish equivalent to this formula. Most of the time, you will hear “Merry Christmas” (Glædelig jul!) instead. He also tells us that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent greeting cards in English with the phrase “Season’s Greetings” between 1998 and 2010, but that there is no never had a religiously neutral card in Danish.


Happy New Year ! — God hey!

Good year ! — Gott nytt år!

Good to know:   “God helg! is  not widely used these days, so you should rarely hear it in Sweden. On the other hand, there are other end-of-year greetings in Swedish! In the two days after Christmas, you will often hear “God fortsättning!” , which means “good continuation”. Closer to New Year’s Eve, we also hear “Gott slut!” , which means “good ending! ” »


Happy New Year ! — Fijne feestdagen!

Good year ! — Gelukkig nieuwjaar!


Happy New Year ! — Wesołych Świąt!

Good year ! — Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!


Happy New Year ! — Весёлых праздников! ( Veselykh prazdnikov! )

Good year ! — С Новым годом! ( S Novym godom! )


Happy New Year ! — Selamat berlibur!

Good year ! — Selamat tahun baru!


Happy New Year ! — İyi nibble!

Good year ! — Mutlu yıllar!

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Spoonerisms, mondegreens and other common language errors

Spoonerisms, mondegreens and other common language errors

Everyone makes occasional mistakes while speaking. Even if you’ve been speaking French since birth, that won’t stop you from tripping over a sentence every once in a while . Although these slip-ups may seem random, there are certain mistakes that tend to repeat themselves . So much so that they even have names, such as spoonerisms (mistakes, errors that occur when speaking) and mondegreens (errors that occur when listening). We decided to examine these categories of linguistic faults to see what they are and why they occur. Here are the stories behind the many missteps from our mouths. 

Spoonerisms (or contrepèteries)

Definition These are two sounds that are interchanged in a sentence. While spoonerisms are usually a mistake, they are sometimes used to create a fun pun, as in Shel Silverstein’s Runny Babbit .

Example: Say “the heaviest rod” instead of “the longest day”.

Where does this name come from ? Spoonerisms are named after William Archibald Spooner , who held the office of donat Oxford University. He was a well-liked man, with amusing eccentricities: he often mixed up the letters, which is why his name became forever attached to this phenomenon. You can find plenty of quotes attributed to him on the internet – most calling for a toast to the “queer old dean” instead of the “dear old queen” – but most of the time, they are inaccurate. Although Spooner is proven to have made some funny mistakes, many of the quotes supposedly from his origin are fabricated in the same way as many quotes wrongly attributed to Winston Churchill or Mark Twain.

Why do they occur?How your brain turns ideas into words is complicated, and there’s still a lot of research to be done on the whole process. However, it seems that spoonerisms occur because of a problem in your “speech plan”. A speech plane is basically the plane your brain makes to move your mouth to make sounds that convey what you want to say. When you say “chocolate,” for example, your brain has to tell your mouth how to move from the “ch” sound to the “k” sound, to the “l” sound, with vowels in between. This process is usually smooth: you’ve probably never had to worry about where to put your tongue and when, but sometimes your brain gets confused. And these confusions are often due to the fact that you havetwo possible speech planes and your brain isn’t sure which to use, then it splits the difference. Occasionally, spoonerism will result.


Definition It’s when you hear something that’s incorrect, but it still ends up making sense to you. Often they perform with music or poetry.

Example: A famous example is Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Rain”, where the phrase is “Scuse me while I kiss the sky”, but many people hear “Scouse me while I kiss this guy”.

Where does this name come from ? The name “mondegreen” comes from a 1954 essay by Harper , in which author Sylvia Wright mentions having misheard a line from the poem “The Bonnie Earl O’ Moray.” The line actually said “They hae slain the Earl o’ Moray / And laid him on the green”, but she had heard “And Lady Mondegreen (And Lady Mondegreen). In this reading, it would be a double murder, instead of murder and burial.

Why do they occur? There is some debate about the causes of mondegreens. Most psychologists agree that this often happens in music because it is a one-sided medium, there is often very little context, and singers and poets use words and phrases that everyone world does not know. The disagreement centers on how the brain produces poor hearing. Steven Connor , professor of English at the University of Cambridge, says that if your brain can’t make sense of a word, it will just fill in what makes the most sense. On the other side, psychologist and linguist Steven Pinkerhas often said that mondegreens makes less sense than the original sentence. This is why, according to him, mondegreens are not necessarily what makes the most sense, but rather what the brain wants to hear the most. Either way, they’ve become a weird cultural phenomenon.


Definition Much like mondegreens, eggcorns occur when a common phrase is replaced with one that is similar or identical in sounding.

Example: Say “pre-Madonna” instead of “prima donna”. 

Where does this name come from ? The word was coined by linguist Geoffrey Pullum in 2003. It is itself an eggcorn from the word “acorn”. 

Why do they occur? While misnomers are word replacements that make a statement totally absurd, an eggcorn tends to make at least some sense. The term ‘deep-seated’, for example, is often replaced by ‘deep-seeded’. Although not technically correct, it is pronounced exactly the same way by Americans, and the meaning of the original term (that something is particularly deep) is still there. It also happens that the eggcorn occurs because a sentence is obsolete, and the speaker therefore does not know the original term. For example, people call something the “end” instead of the more appropriate term “knell”, because who still says “knell”?

Missed acts

Definition These are errors in language that are caused by a person’s unconscious mind sliding to the surface. Today, the term has been generalized by some to refer to any error in language.

Example: Misdeeds don’t have many general examples because they’re supposed to relate to the innermost thoughts of a single speaker. For an example from pop culture, there’s an episode of Friends where Ross marries Emma. However, during his vows, he says he would “take Rachel”, which is the name of his ex-girlfriend. The implication in the episode is that he still had deep feelings for Rachel, and so the mistake ruined his marriage.

Where does this name come from ? Sigmund Freud, the famous 20th century psychologist from Vienna, Austria, is renowned for linking actions to deep, unrecognized desires. This phrase is taken from his work in Psychopathology of Everyday Life , a book which contains an exhaustive list of errors which he believes are of great importance.

Why do they occur? Although he is certainly a giant in the field of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud is today largely discredited. Cognitive psychologists tend to believe that, more often than not, there are more innocent explanations for slips (some of which are mentioned in other sections of this article). People are more likely to make mistakes when they’re tired or distracted, which means sometimes the brain, like any other part of the body, just makes mistakes. But there’s something seductive about the idea that someone’s true feelings can be conveyed through a misplaced expression.

But if Freudian misdeeds are a real phenomenon, they are very difficult to test. How do you research a person’s innermost thoughts? Well, in 1979 they decided to give it a try with a strange study. The researchers gathered a number of “heterosexual men”, who were divided into three groups. The first group, the control group, was met by a middle-aged teacher, and group members were asked to repeat word pairs designed to encourage spoonerisms, such as saying “mack bud” (corn bud) instead of “back mud”. The second group did the same, but instead of a middle-aged professor, they were greeted by a lab assistant wearing “a very short skirt and some sort of translucent blouse.” The second group was more inclined to make sexual counterpoints [“fast passion” instead of “past fashion”], but they made the same number of mistakes overall. The third group was back with the middle-aged teacher, but they were told there was a risk of getting an electric shock at some point during the study, although that didn’t actually happen. . The electrified third group, like the enticed second group, made more errors related to their stimulus [‘cursed wattage’ instead of ‘worst cottage’]. The results seem to fit the theory that people’s mistakes are influenced by what’s on their mind. made more errors related to their stimulus [‘cursed wattage’ instead of ‘worst cottage’]. The results seem to fit the theory that people’s mistakes are influenced by what’s on their mind. made more errors related to their stimulus [‘cursed wattage’ instead of ‘worst cottage’]. The results seem to fit the theory that people’s mistakes are influenced by what’s on their mind.

So there is some evidence that if something is particularly weighing you down, it could cause some sort of error in your speech. But the vast majority of errors probably don’t have such a solid subtext. When you ask someone to give you ‘pashed motato’ (instead of ‘mashed potato’), it’s not because there’s something in your subconscious has swapped the letters. But even without psychological underpinnings, verbal slips can be a source of entertainment.

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Top Final Fantasy games-our ranking

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX won our Best of 15 award for its compelling story . In the game, you will put yourself in the shoes of a thief, Zidane. You are forced to ally with a princess, Garnet, a knight, Steiner and a magician, Vivi. Your mission is to explore a beautiful world called Gaia, where you will face off against a villain.

You can play this episode through many consoles such as PS4, Xbox , Nintendo Switch or Nvidia Shield. You can also access it through an Android or iOS device.

Final Fantasy XIV

Whether you’re a fan of single -player games or more of a multiplayer junkie , you can find something to keep you entertained with Final Fantasy XIV. Basically, the story looks predictable. But it does, however, have small touches worthy of FF gaming as a JRPG.

There’s no shortage of fighting styles, as are gameplay options like Fashion Show and Card Games Tournament. In all, there is enough to entertain you during moments of relaxation.

Final Fantasy VI

Some say Final Fantasy VI is the strongest in the series, others consider it the most popular. In our current ranking, it won third place because of its breathtaking technical characteristics . Indeed, everything is there, from graphics to sound.

In addition, the game presents a rather captivating plot whose star is Kefka, the villain of the series. The story actually results from the  combination of FF II and IV .

Final Fantasy IV

FF IV is no less attractive than the previous ones on our list. The introduction of the ATB or Active Time Battle system makes it much more enticing. The game transports players into a universe full of suspense and twists , added to a series of sacrifices and victories.

Despite this, FF IV can be sidelined, just like FF III. In the upcoming installments, the developers are going to improve the game. Nevertheless, it features modern versions like the remastered Pixel available on Mobile and Steam.

Final Fantasy III

In Final Fantasy III, we see for the first time iconic elements of the series such as the floating Moogles. Besides, FF III lets you jump safely, unlike most other episodes.

Unfortunately, the title did not land in the NES . That said, the title, as well as its other versions are more easily available on PC, DS and PSP.

Final Fantasy V

Among the first titles in the series, Final Fantasy V seems quite successful. Certainly, the story is not the most captivating. But you have to admit that the designers have invested a lot in the characters and the settings .

Between the 4 warriors of light and the 8 crystals to protect, it is very likely that players will find atmosphere there. In addition, its gameplay is highly customizable and the game reintroduces the ATB combat system that was first introduced in FF IV.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII has, in a way, won the ” People’s Choice “. The title helped JRPG games become one of the flagship genres of the PlayStation 1. It was also thanks to FF VII that SquareSoft became one of the most influential third-party developers.

Only, the problem is that this title offers a rather superficial gameplay compared to the other episodes of the series. Despite this, we meet some of the best characters in the series, but also one of the best stories .

original final fantasy

As its name suggests, the original version of Final Fantasy brings together everything that is basic in the series. Whether we focus on its story or its gameplay, we notice that it is a simplistic classic of a JRPG. However, the customization of tasks available from the start of the game makes it more attractive.

There are no heroes to follow. You thus have a great possibility of naming your teammates as you wish . The game offers a total of 8 spaces in which you can insert the names that sing to you for the members of your team.

Final Fantasy XII

When SquareSoft released Final Fantasy XII in 2006, fans were pretty lost and confused. The title featured a kind of drastic change that gamers felt was out of line compared to other titles in the series. But this decision is ultimately well-researched and is already explained by other top FF titles.

That being the case, you can benefit from a more interesting revisited version, FF XII: Age of the Zodiac . This includes a number of visual and sound enhancements . It also provides bonus content that you can get on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Final Fantasy X

Among the main episodes of Final Fantasy, it is this one that has joined the PS2. Also, it not only left out the world map, but FF X also brought a whole new combat system that we haven’t encountered before. And seeing a featured dub is also a first for the series as a whole.

Despite these changes, Final Fantasy X is nothing out of the classic for fans. It is in the title that we see random and turn-based combat for the last time .

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is perhaps less successful if we focus on its story. Four companions who must do everything to stay alive; it’s all there is to a game. Some even call it a K-Pop music video because of the music that is sometimes intense, sometimes haunting.

Luckily, you can strike a fine balance between the screwed-up story and the simplistic combat. For that, you can play its Royal edition . Many consoles like Nintendo Switch or Xbox support it. If you are a fan of the mobile version, you can opt for the version on iOS or Android.

Final Fantasy II

In general, all games feature novelties in new titles. However, this is not the case with Final Fantasy II. Although the story is more interesting, it is handicapped by a mess on the side of the leveling system .

The developers had to resort to remakes offering less sophisticated and confusing combat for the players in order to hide this downside. There is also a remastered version of Pixel available on iOS, Android, and Steam which more easily attracts followers.

Final Fantasy VIII

If Final Fantasy VIII is classified as such, it is because of its plot which derives from science fiction . Apart from that, the characters were made with designs inspired by an entirely different universe. This is what confuses gamers in general. But on top of that are some rather experimental concepts, like the join system, instead of sticking to the game’s traditional mechanics.

The title, however, goes very well to those who are accustomed to the exception. FF VIII also offers a bunch of secondary content as well as gameplay featuring love stories. You can try its HD remastered version on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title also exists in a mobile version.

Final Fantasy XIII

Undeniably, the quality of the graphics in Final Fantasy XIII is undoubtedly successful, as well as the soundtrack. However, the game features a labyrinthine story , confusing scenarios with bland characters . These were the main objects of reviews and the disparity of player opinions as soon as it launched.

FF XIII is not a real disaster, however. The speed and fluidity of the fights combine well with the quality of the graphics. We cannot therefore reject it even if it is not the first title to recommend.

Final Fantasy XI

In last place, we have Final Fantasy XI. Its weak points lie mainly in its accessibility as an online multiplayer game . In 2002, the year of its release, playing with other players wasn’t always easy.

On the other hand, we cannot deny its assets which are summed up in a rather fascinating story and a difficult fight. FF XI is therefore worth playing if you can find other like-minded players.

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How to tag enemies in Fortnite

How to tag enemies in Fortnite Complete Guide

Marking enemies in Fortnite is part of the challenges of the first season of Chapter 4. Check out our tips for mastering the technique.

The new season of the famous Epic Games title has arrived with its share of challenges. These will certainly complicate the daily lives of many players. One challenge in particular caused a lot of talk. It’s about marking 10 opponents in one match – a tough mission even for the pros. But here are our tips for easily marking enemies in Fortnite .

The default method for marking enemies in Fortnite

Several methods are available to players to complete these challenges. The marking of opponents is no exception to this general rule. The techniques range from the simplest to the most difficult to implement. The most accessible method of marking enemies in Fortnite is the same as marking objects or items. She uses the directional pad on the controller. You hold the left directional key while aiming. This key is on the mouse wheel for the PC version.

This method is certainly the most accessible, but its effectiveness leaves something to be desired. Novices will have a very hard time completing the challenge using only this method. However, the technique is recommended for experienced and precise players.

Use of augments for marking enemies

Reality augments or reality augmentations are the great novelty of Chapter 4. These are mechanisms to be acquired that give you certain advantages during a match. The list of these increases is obviously long. However , only two of these items can be used to tag enemies in Fortnite .

The first augment usable for marking opponents is the Bloodhound . Its function is to automatically mark those you hit with a sniper bow or rifle. Note, however, that the marking is not final. This is only active for a short time. You will therefore need the weapons specified above to take advantage of the Hound mechanism.

The second augment is the Mark of Storm . After the storm closes, you activate this mechanic to automatically tag opponents. Like Bloodhound, the feature is only active for a short time.

Use the Recon Falcon

Marking enemies in Fortnite can also be done with the Recon Falcon . It’s a small robot – available since the last update – that you send into the air to explore the playing field. You’ll be able to tag everything this reconnaissance drone sees. A method that seems very practical, but it actually has a big drawback. You are vulnerable while the Falcon is deployed. Your opponents can easily eliminate you.

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Top of the best mods on the game

You can spice up your games of Elden Ring by choosing the right mod. Find in our ranking the best modifications on the game.

FromSoftware ‘s latest blockbuster has been available on PC for almost a year now. Modders have had plenty of time to study its structure and mechanism. The modifications of the game are as inspired as each other. The choices range from a simple module to fix a flaw in the game to one that adds new features. So here is our ranking to rediscover Elden Ring with a nice mod .

Before Installing an Elden Ring Mod

Remember that mods can partially or completely change the mechanics of a game. Elden Ring is no exception to this rule. On the other hand, modifications are not the only options to improve the gaming experience. There are also tips for a successful adventure. These do not require any mechanism adjustment.

On the other hand, the installation of mods must imperatively be done in offline mode. This way, you won’t get kicked out of multiplayer servers.

Our Top 3 Elden Ring Mods

1. Easy mode for Elden Ring  : This is the mod to install to experience FromSoftware’s title. The latter does not offer a high level of difficulty. Nevertheless, the beginner will find it difficult to advance. The modification facilitates progression by benefiting the player. The latter inflicts more damage and takes less.

2. Pause the game  : The normal operation of the game does not allow you to pause a game in progress. This mechanism is typical of role-playing games from the Japanese developer. This mod allows you to suspend a game and take a break.

3. Elden Ring ascended mod  : If you are an Elden Ring specialist , you will enjoy this mod . The modification strengthens the resistance of enemies and improves artificial intelligence. It also maintains the night in order to reveal the most formidable opponents.

Other interesting features

4. Elden Ring item and enemy randomizer  : This mod makes it easier to access all the items available in the game. You will be able to find them randomly during your game.

5. Seamless Co-op  : Elden Ring allows cooperative play through summons. However, the game mechanic limits this option. This mod removes summon limits. You can then be assisted by a partner to progress in your game.

6. Elden Ring ultimate cheat engine table  : A mod that gives access to all locations in the game. It also allows you to customize certain elements, including statistics.

7. Performance boost  : You can use this mod to fix or improve the graphics performance of the game.

8. Elden Ring reforged  : This mod also affects the difficulty of the game by modifying certain mechanisms – the behavior of enemies for example.

9. NPCs and bosses spirit summons  : This mod allows you to summon several new characters.

10. Berserker armor and dragonslayer  : You can wear the armor (Berserker) and use the gigantic sword (Dragonslayer) of Guts, hero of the manga Berserk by Kentarō Miura.

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Age of Empires - ranking of the best games

Age of Empires – ranking of the best games

11. Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Compared to the main entries, Age of Empires: Castle Siege dropped many features . This is a multiplayer tower defense game that is played online. The gameplay is similar to a chess game where the player must protect his empire while trying to destroy the enemy’s. At the same time, the player must manage his resources while adopting a good tactical and military strategy.

The developers have thus incorporated other alternative styles of play to attract more players. This must be partly because of its rise in popularity. However, this innovation marked a clear difference, which fans do not necessarily appreciate.

10. Age of Empires Online

Released in 2011, Age of Empire Online was immediately recognized for its considerable departure from games that kept the originality of the game. In particular, this one turned to the online multiplayer component rather than relying on the single-player experience. Thus, players can choose which civilization to build. Also, they can contribute various PvE and PvP content.

Three years later, the original designers abandoned it. However, a few independent developers have come together to take over the game under a new name: Project Celeste They plan to continue Microsoft’s vision in a different way. Currently, the title is available in free-to-play.

9.     Age of Empires: The Original Title

The original of the Age of Empires saga was released in 1997. The game teleports players to the distant eras (5000 BC) to the beginning of antiquity. It includes 4 single-player campaigns focused on ancient civilizations such as Greek, Yamato, Egyptian and Babylonian. There is also a Rise of Rome expansion pack that highlights the journeys through which the ancient Roman Empire had to go.

In the original title of the game, the player is required to ensure the evolution of his civilization on the economic, military and technological aspects. It’s like building your empire from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. For this, the player must have control over the hidden ruins of the map to be able to erect the Marvel building . The latter being only available at the last age.

Nonetheless, when it comes to design, Age of Empires, the inaugural title isn’t top notch in presentation. If we only mention the graphics where there is a lot to improve.

8.     AOE IV: Improved Medieval History

Age of Empires IV transports players back to medieval times. It offers more fun actions and gameplay . But its real strength lies in control and accessibility. It’s an unmissable medieval journey in which civilizations have new special abilities. The game allows the player to dive into a lake of informative story while having fun.

However, the graphics and images do not feature any special enhancements . The narration by the same voice also becomes more and more unpleasant.

7.     AOE II: HD Edition

As its name suggests, Age of Empires II: HD Edition brings a touch of HD innovation to the same title. It also brings a new expansion The Forgotten , a project initially created by fans of the game. Later, two new expansions will be added to the first. These are The African Kingdoms and Rise of the Rajas .

In 2013, the game seemed to be getting old. But these new contributions made it possible to relaunch the franchise. This gave new life to the followers. That said, fans craving something new don’t see enough satisfaction in it . Some still prefer to play Call of Duty instead.

6.     AOE II: The Conquerors and The Age of Kings

In this title, the player has the opportunity to relive the fall of Rome . It must start with few resources at its disposal. He will have to use these resources to lead his people to victory. Two options are available for this purpose: the implementation of profitable economic strategies and the use of force.

In The Conquerors, the player can assert himself as a dominator while in The Age of Kings, he must exercise his gray matter. The Conquerors allows the player to take on the role of fierce warriors from history such as Attila the Hun, El Cid or Montezuma. In any case, Age of Empires II is one of the best titles in the saga, especially with its 13 new nations.

5.     AOE III: Definitive Edition

This title is one of the newest in the game Age of Empires (2020). In general, the term “definitive edition” refers to the particularity of the version. That’s true for this one given that it’s made a lot of improvements over the original version. For example, there are features that we did not suspect in the original version.

The Definitive Edition brought more than gameplay. It also introduced 4K processing . This is the case for sounds, resources, animations, and even new civilizations. In addition, the developers have worked well on the AI. This has significantly improved the quality of the images. However, AOE III: Definitive Edition has not escaped bugs even though it is better than its original release from 15 years ago.

4.     Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Definitive editions follow one another even if they do not reach the top of the list. This one was released in 2018 revisiting the version released two decades earlier. The gameplay remains the same. The changes focused on graphics quality and other technical aspects.

To increase the popularity of the Age of Empires game, Microsoft introduced HD processing, along with 4K support. At the same time, it has improved sound quality , allowing for a fully immersive experience.

3.     Age of Empires III

Microsoft developed Age of Empires III at the end of 2005 as a PC version. For some, the title ranks among the best in the saga with its 8 civilizations. In the new explorer map, the New World , the player can choose between several colonial empires (French, Portuguese, German, British, etc.). Each of them has advantages and disadvantages which are likely to be explored for the treasures they hide.

In addition, the game provides new options for building infrastructure such as trade routes. This will allow the player to propose new alliances . Both expansion packs The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties bring new story content and civilizations to the game.

On the technical side, this title brought a considerable evolution, in particular on the graphics. The new physics system makes combat much more engaging.

2.     Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology adds a new civilization in addition to the 13 others from Age of Empires II: Age of Kings . In addition, there is a new map and new scenarios. Powerful titans like Cronos can join the game if the player summons them. The latter also has the possibility of transforming humans into real heroes of his choice. The game features 16 new human units .

Also, 10 mythical units have joined the game, added 12 new divine powers . This is also what makes it so popular. One cannot, however, pass without listing the two expansion packs The Titans and The Age of the Dragon . The fantastic touch brought to the gameplay forms an inseparable whole in the title.

1.     Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Of all the definitive editions of the Age of Empires saga, this one remains the best. Upgrading with contemporary games is a major highlight of Age of Empires II Definitive Edition released in 2019. AI improvements access better game features . you don’t have to cheat to stand up to the player.

Icing on the cake, the title includes a new auto-replenishment feature . This eliminates the frustrations of players in previous versions. Age of Empires II also features all expansions. Reason why it is by far the best title of the saga.

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