Top Final Fantasy games-our ranking

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX won our Best of 15 award for its compelling story . In the game, you will put yourself in the shoes of a thief, Zidane. You are forced to ally with a princess, Garnet, a knight, Steiner and a magician, Vivi. Your mission is to explore a beautiful world called Gaia, where you will face off against a villain.

You can play this episode through many consoles such as PS4, Xbox , Nintendo Switch or Nvidia Shield. You can also access it through an Android or iOS device.

Final Fantasy XIV

Whether you’re a fan of single -player games or more of a multiplayer junkie , you can find something to keep you entertained with Final Fantasy XIV. Basically, the story looks predictable. But it does, however, have small touches worthy of FF gaming as a JRPG.

There’s no shortage of fighting styles, as are gameplay options like Fashion Show and Card Games Tournament. In all, there is enough to entertain you during moments of relaxation.

Final Fantasy VI

Some say Final Fantasy VI is the strongest in the series, others consider it the most popular. In our current ranking, it won third place because of its breathtaking technical characteristics . Indeed, everything is there, from graphics to sound.

In addition, the game presents a rather captivating plot whose star is Kefka, the villain of the series. The story actually results from the  combination of FF II and IV .

Final Fantasy IV

FF IV is no less attractive than the previous ones on our list. The introduction of the ATB or Active Time Battle system makes it much more enticing. The game transports players into a universe full of suspense and twists , added to a series of sacrifices and victories.

Despite this, FF IV can be sidelined, just like FF III. In the upcoming installments, the developers are going to improve the game. Nevertheless, it features modern versions like the remastered Pixel available on Mobile and Steam.

Final Fantasy III

In Final Fantasy III, we see for the first time iconic elements of the series such as the floating Moogles. Besides, FF III lets you jump safely, unlike most other episodes.

Unfortunately, the title did not land in the NES . That said, the title, as well as its other versions are more easily available on PC, DS and PSP.

Final Fantasy V

Among the first titles in the series, Final Fantasy V seems quite successful. Certainly, the story is not the most captivating. But you have to admit that the designers have invested a lot in the characters and the settings .

Between the 4 warriors of light and the 8 crystals to protect, it is very likely that players will find atmosphere there. In addition, its gameplay is highly customizable and the game reintroduces the ATB combat system that was first introduced in FF IV.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII has, in a way, won the ” People’s Choice “. The title helped JRPG games become one of the flagship genres of the PlayStation 1. It was also thanks to FF VII that SquareSoft became one of the most influential third-party developers.

Only, the problem is that this title offers a rather superficial gameplay compared to the other episodes of the series. Despite this, we meet some of the best characters in the series, but also one of the best stories .

original final fantasy

As its name suggests, the original version of Final Fantasy brings together everything that is basic in the series. Whether we focus on its story or its gameplay, we notice that it is a simplistic classic of a JRPG. However, the customization of tasks available from the start of the game makes it more attractive.

There are no heroes to follow. You thus have a great possibility of naming your teammates as you wish . The game offers a total of 8 spaces in which you can insert the names that sing to you for the members of your team.

Final Fantasy XII

When SquareSoft released Final Fantasy XII in 2006, fans were pretty lost and confused. The title featured a kind of drastic change that gamers felt was out of line compared to other titles in the series. But this decision is ultimately well-researched and is already explained by other top FF titles.

That being the case, you can benefit from a more interesting revisited version, FF XII: Age of the Zodiac . This includes a number of visual and sound enhancements . It also provides bonus content that you can get on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Final Fantasy X

Among the main episodes of Final Fantasy, it is this one that has joined the PS2. Also, it not only left out the world map, but FF X also brought a whole new combat system that we haven’t encountered before. And seeing a featured dub is also a first for the series as a whole.

Despite these changes, Final Fantasy X is nothing out of the classic for fans. It is in the title that we see random and turn-based combat for the last time .

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is perhaps less successful if we focus on its story. Four companions who must do everything to stay alive; it’s all there is to a game. Some even call it a K-Pop music video because of the music that is sometimes intense, sometimes haunting.

Luckily, you can strike a fine balance between the screwed-up story and the simplistic combat. For that, you can play its Royal edition . Many consoles like Nintendo Switch or Xbox support it. If you are a fan of the mobile version, you can opt for the version on iOS or Android.

Final Fantasy II

In general, all games feature novelties in new titles. However, this is not the case with Final Fantasy II. Although the story is more interesting, it is handicapped by a mess on the side of the leveling system .

The developers had to resort to remakes offering less sophisticated and confusing combat for the players in order to hide this downside. There is also a remastered version of Pixel available on iOS, Android, and Steam which more easily attracts followers.

Final Fantasy VIII

If Final Fantasy VIII is classified as such, it is because of its plot which derives from science fiction . Apart from that, the characters were made with designs inspired by an entirely different universe. This is what confuses gamers in general. But on top of that are some rather experimental concepts, like the join system, instead of sticking to the game’s traditional mechanics.

The title, however, goes very well to those who are accustomed to the exception. FF VIII also offers a bunch of secondary content as well as gameplay featuring love stories. You can try its HD remastered version on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. The title also exists in a mobile version.

Final Fantasy XIII

Undeniably, the quality of the graphics in Final Fantasy XIII is undoubtedly successful, as well as the soundtrack. However, the game features a labyrinthine story , confusing scenarios with bland characters . These were the main objects of reviews and the disparity of player opinions as soon as it launched.

FF XIII is not a real disaster, however. The speed and fluidity of the fights combine well with the quality of the graphics. We cannot therefore reject it even if it is not the first title to recommend.

Final Fantasy XI

In last place, we have Final Fantasy XI. Its weak points lie mainly in its accessibility as an online multiplayer game . In 2002, the year of its release, playing with other players wasn’t always easy.

On the other hand, we cannot deny its assets which are summed up in a rather fascinating story and a difficult fight. FF XI is therefore worth playing if you can find other like-minded players.

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