Top of the best mods on the game

You can spice up your games of Elden Ring by choosing the right mod. Find in our ranking the best modifications on the game.

FromSoftware ‘s latest blockbuster has been available on PC for almost a year now. Modders have had plenty of time to study its structure and mechanism. The modifications of the game are as inspired as each other. The choices range from a simple module to fix a flaw in the game to one that adds new features. So here is our ranking to rediscover Elden Ring with a nice mod .

Before Installing an Elden Ring Mod

Remember that mods can partially or completely change the mechanics of a game. Elden Ring is no exception to this rule. On the other hand, modifications are not the only options to improve the gaming experience. There are also tips for a successful adventure. These do not require any mechanism adjustment.

On the other hand, the installation of mods must imperatively be done in offline mode. This way, you won’t get kicked out of multiplayer servers.

Our Top 3 Elden Ring Mods

1. Easy mode for Elden Ring  : This is the mod to install to experience FromSoftware’s title. The latter does not offer a high level of difficulty. Nevertheless, the beginner will find it difficult to advance. The modification facilitates progression by benefiting the player. The latter inflicts more damage and takes less.

2. Pause the game  : The normal operation of the game does not allow you to pause a game in progress. This mechanism is typical of role-playing games from the Japanese developer. This mod allows you to suspend a game and take a break.

3. Elden Ring ascended mod  : If you are an Elden Ring specialist , you will enjoy this mod . The modification strengthens the resistance of enemies and improves artificial intelligence. It also maintains the night in order to reveal the most formidable opponents.

Other interesting features

4. Elden Ring item and enemy randomizer  : This mod makes it easier to access all the items available in the game. You will be able to find them randomly during your game.

5. Seamless Co-op  : Elden Ring allows cooperative play through summons. However, the game mechanic limits this option. This mod removes summon limits. You can then be assisted by a partner to progress in your game.

6. Elden Ring ultimate cheat engine table  : A mod that gives access to all locations in the game. It also allows you to customize certain elements, including statistics.

7. Performance boost  : You can use this mod to fix or improve the graphics performance of the game.

8. Elden Ring reforged  : This mod also affects the difficulty of the game by modifying certain mechanisms – the behavior of enemies for example.

9. NPCs and bosses spirit summons  : This mod allows you to summon several new characters.

10. Berserker armor and dragonslayer  : You can wear the armor (Berserker) and use the gigantic sword (Dragonslayer) of Guts, hero of the manga Berserk by Kentarō Miura.

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